• Brian Bender, PhD

50 Low Sodium Foods (Ranked)

If you have high blood pressure, lowering your dietary sodium intake is one of the best places to start.

Lowering dietary sodium intake is part of a suite of lifestyle modifications directed as a first line of defense against high blood pressure and is recommended by pretty much every major health institution: the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, the National Kidney Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization...

So we’ve crunched the numbers for you, analyzing roughly 600 foods from the USDA Food Nutrition Database.

We broke down the numbers by two metrics.

  1. Sodium Density (Sodium per Calorie)

  2. Sodium-to-Potassium Ratio

Comparing the amount of sodium in your foods on a calorie-by-calorie basis lets you see which foods are more dense in sodium when considering your dietary needs.

The sodium-to-potassium ratio is another number that is interesting for those with high blood pressure. It turns out that potassium has the opposite effect on blood pressure. That is, it helps lower your blood pressure.

So a low sodium-to-potassium ratio means your food has a more heart-healthy profile!

Low Sodium Foods By Food Category

The lowest sodium foods, on average, are nuts, followed closely by fruits. Vegetables are next, followed by bread, fast food items, and lastly, cheeses.

However, it is also interesting to notice the average sodium-to-potassium ratio among these food categories. By far, the worst offender is the fast food category. Furthermore, vegetables drop significantly close to zero once potassium concentrations are taken into effect.

This jives with advice from the major health institutions citing research that suggests 70% of our sodium consumption comes from packaged foods and restaurants.

But enough with the categories. Here are your lists for the top 10 low sodium foods for each of the 5 food categories!

Top 10 Low Sodium Nuts

  1. Acorn

  2. Hazelnut

  3. Pecan

  4. Hickorynut

  5. Almond

  6. Pistachio

  7. Pine Nut

  8. Walnut

  9. Pilinut

  10. Brazil Nut

Top 10 Low Sodium Fruits

  1. Asian Pear

  2. Cherry

  3. Longans

  4. Nectarine

  5. Peach

  6. Pink and Red Grapefruit

  7. Plum

  8. Rose-Apple

  9. Valencia Orange

  10. White Grapefruit

Top 10 Low Sodium Vegetables

  1. Tomatillos

  2. Pokeberry Shoots

  3. Maitake Mushrooms

  4. Hungarian Peppers

  5. Pigeonpeas

  6. Pumpkin

  7. Hyacinth-beans

  8. Cowpeas

  9. Jerusalem-artichoke

  10. Summer Squash

Top 10 Low Sodium Breads

  1. Roti

  2. Rice Bran Bread

  3. Raisin Bread

  4. Egg Bread

  5. Paratha

  6. Whole Grain Bread

  7. Oat Bran Bread

  8. Naan

  9. Protein Bread

  10. Oatmeal Bread

Top 10 Low Sodium Cheeses

  1. Swiss Cheese

  2. Ricotta

  3. Goat Cheese

  4. Gjetost

  5. Neufchatel

  6. Port De Salut

  7. Colby

  8. Monterey

  9. Cheddar