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Staying Healthy and Hydrated During the Holidays

How can athletes stay hydrated during the holiday season? Despite all of the meals, events, and gatherings scheduled throughout the holidays, keeping adequately hydrated can still be accomplished by planning ahead. Here are some easy tips to keep your hydration on track:

Keep Your Hydration Habits for Health

Keep on top of your regular hydration habits before, during, and after your workouts. With all the added events and merriment, maintaining your existing fluid intake habits will be key to forming a solid hydration foundation.

Plan Ahead for Big Meals

Having a big, and not so healthy, holiday meal? Hydrate before you feast! While you still need to adequately fuel your body with enough calories and nutrients, adding in an extra glass of water before the meal can help curb excessive hunger, which in some cases can lead to extra snacking or portions of those delicious- but not super healthy- holiday dishes and desserts. Try water-filled fruits and veggies as snacks as well!

Make Hydration Part of your Merriment

If holiday cocktails are on the menu, enjoy in moderation. Make sure to prioritize drinking a glass of water for each drink you consume. Alcohol can dehydrate you, and excessive alcohol consumption can impact your body for several days after. Healthy hydration can be delicious as well! Try adding lemons, limes, berries, cucumbers, or herbs to your water.

Our Intake Health team wishes everyone a happy, and healthy, holiday season!



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