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Millwall F.C. increases hydration awareness with InFlow.



Millwall F.C.

London, England




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"Players are increasing fluid intake based on the immediate feedback without us having to chase them!


Players enjoy using InFlow on a daily basis

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Players report seeing fewer dehydrated test results

Players feel empowered to manage their own hydration


Since 1885, Millwall F.C. has brought passion and performance to London football. Optimizing all aspects of team and player wellness and performance is critical to success, including hydration. Coaches know that getting players empowered to think about their own hydration needs long before they arrive and long after they leave The Den is crucial but difficult task.


Millwall F.C. saw value in the way InFlow’s automated hydration testing could help with their challenge of optimizing hydration readiness and recovery practices of the team.


Searching for solutions

Like most other teams, other techniques usually used for hydration testing like urine dipstick tests and optical refractometers were burdensome on staff and yielding mediocre results when it came to providing players with actionable, real-time information on hydration for self-management. Staff didn't like the process. Players didn't like the process.

Other techniques like pre and post-training weigh-ins were similarly too cumbersome  and still failed to get the team to take hydration needs into their own hands.

Ultimately, every solution required staff to continuously perform tests or remind the players, which wasn't sustainable.

"The players find InFlow easy to use and like the clear, instant feedback. We've already had a couple of players think they were hydrated but got instant yellow feedback and immediately increased their fluid intake. This was around our matches, so it's definitely making a positive impact without us having to chase them!"

Daily hydration testing is changing the culture and reducing workflow

InFlow gives daily hydration test results to the players via real-time urinalysis. Without any extra hassle, the player sees a green light for a hydrated sample or yellow or red for increasing degrees of dehydration. 

"We haven't done any of our usual hydrating testing since installing InFlow. We don't feel we need to!"


Find out if InFlow is right for your club.

"No solutions help empower our players to optimize their hydration like InFlow."

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