Let's begin

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On/Off Button
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1. Turning on the InFlow

Remove the InFlow from the box. Locate the button on the bottom of the InFlow, hold for 2 seconds and release to turn on. Once on, the screen on top of the InFlow will display Intake Health™ logo, then display “Ready” for a few seconds. The InFlow device will remain on as the display turns off.

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2. Attaching the InFlow to the Urinal

Prepare the urinal by flushing it to ensure the surface is moistened. About 6 in. up from the drain of the urinal, with the display facing upward, firmly press the InFlow against the back of the urinal to secure the device to the urinal with the suction cups.

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3. Using the InFlow

Once the device has been turned on and installed, it is ready to use. Urinate into the InFlow collector, and as you urinate it will automatically drain. Once urine is present in the collector for 8 seconds the test is complete and will display the test results. The display will briefly read “Ready” when ready for the next test.


Display results

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Hydrated Solid Green Light - USG<1.020
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At-risk Slow Yellow Flash - USG = >1.020<1.030
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Dehydrated Fast Red Flash - USG = >1.030

Usage and support

Normal Usage

Once turned on the InFlow will go to stand-by mode automatically between tests. There is no need to power it off. It will awaken automatically when it detects a test.

Device and Testing Details

Press and hold on/off button for 1 second to cycle through battery status, testing count, firmware version, and serial number.

InFlow Support

If the device fails to function, please contact Intake Health™ support at www.intake.health/support

InFlow Replacement

If the device has reached its end of service life, please contact Intake Health™ to arrange your InFlow replacement at www.intake.health/replacement