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Santizied and validated. Includes everything you need to experience the impact of real-time hydration testing. If you are looking to deploy real-time hydration testing using InFlow, we highly recommend adding InFlow to every urinal for optimal impact. 


  • 1 InFlow in-urinal instant hydration testing device
  • 1 customizable over urinal hydration action graphic
  • 1 wireless charging bases and wall adapter
  • 1 quick start guide
  • 1 set of vinyl gloves
  • 4 wall safe hangers for the action graphic


All purchases include a 3 month hassle free warranty.

Single Refurbished InFlow



What scale does InFlow use for hydration?

InFlow when compared to an 8 bar urine color chart or a USG reading will give a green result for the first 3 colors or up to about 1.012 USG. It will show a yellow result for the next 2 color bars or until about 1.025 USG. The remaining colors will show a red result.

How do supplements impact results?

InFlow will be impacted by supplements such as B2 vitamins and beet juice. Results will skew more dehydrated while supplements are being metabolized.

How many InFlows do I need?

Our best value is the InFlow 8-pack bundle. When InFlow is installed it's fun to use. It's also hard to ignore a bright flashing yellow or red objective hydration test result. Best results are achieved when InFlow is available in all urinals to bring more consistency of use and accountability into the locker room.

How often do I need to charge InFlow?

InFlow will last approximately 2000 tests per charge. When installed in every urinal to promote use and distribute use, InFlow should need to be charged about every 2-3 months. InFlow will fully charge in about 90 minutes.

Can InFlow be used back-to-back?

Yes! InFlow was designed for high volume locker room use. InFlow has a drain hole that is timed to allow it to run a test with a small urine void, but to be empty for the next user. No rinsing between tests is required.

Does InFlow work in no-flow and low-flow urinals?

Yes! Our system is not impacted by the small amount of residual sample from previous tests that may be left behind.

How long does InFlow last?

InFlow comes with a 1 year warranty. InFlow is rechargeable, meaning it can provide unlimited hydration testing. 

Does InFlow collect data?

No. InFlow is a real-time feedback device to change behavior. It is player association friendly by not collecting, storing, or transmitting player data. However, existing player reported data collection workflows can easily be adapted to ask players for their InFlow hydration color if desired.

How do I clean InFlow?

InFlow should be rinsed with water, without being removed from the urinal, during normal cleaning schedules by the cleaning staff. InFlow can also be sprayed with most common cleaning chemicals and then rinsed off with water, however Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) based cleaners will damage InFlow and should be avoided. A custodial care card is provided with your order to give care instructions to the team.

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