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Real-time, effortless hydration testing.

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Light spectrum analysis

InFlow uses reflectance spectroscopy to analyze multiple wavelengths of light for use in its proprietary algorithms for light spectrum analysis. This analysis is used to quantify the degree of hydration in real-time.

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Wireless charging, 2,000 tests per charge

The InFlow easily removes from the mounted cup, making wireless charging simple. Once charged, it can run 2,000 hydration tests per charge.

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Level-up your urinal

The InFlow attaches to the urinal in seconds, instantly turning them into hydration testing stations.

Players go like normal, results in seconds

The InFlow automatically detects urine, once players fill the cup their hydration results are ready. Quick hydration results means back-to-back testing for the team. The cup automatically drains, and self-cleans, so no action needed in between tests.

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Easy as red, yellow, green

Simple red, yellow and green results make it easy for anyone to understand. A wall mounted infographic of next steps based on results, empowers users, and enables behavior change.

Interested in learning more?

Helpful resources

Check out Intake Health's peer reviewed paper on Automated Urinal-Based Specific Gravity Measurement Device for Real-Time Hydration Monitoring in Male Athletes.

Learn more about NATA's position statement on fluid replacement, and their recommendation to asses based on color.

Download our free double sided hydration infographic. Side one offers best next steps based on InFlow hydration testing results. Side two is blank, so you can tailor next steps to your specific needs.

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