Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does the device charge?

A wireless charger, provided with each purchase.

How often does the device need to charge?

Each InFlow should achieve a minimum of 2000 hydration assessments before requiring wireless recharging.

How many tests can be performed on one device?

As many tests as you need, when charged.

Will urine affect the device over time?

The acetal material of the device was intentionally chosen as it will resist urine protein build up.

Does the device need to be calibrated?

The device is factory calibrated. It does not need to be re-calibrated by the customer.

Does the InFlow unit need to be flushed often?

No. Flushing does not impact InFlow. The device will function normally whether flushing occurs or not.

How quickly does the athlete see their hydration status when using InFlow?

The hydration status will display within 2-3 seconds.

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